About White Label

    Our white label products are a line of cbd, delta 8. delta 9 and delta 10 edibles that don't have any printing on them except for a label on the shipping box to identify what's inside. These are for customers that want to start their own brand by putting labels on the product itself and/or putting them in bags or boxes for retail sales for themselves or to sell to others. This is a less expensive way compared to a private label product. Some customers even sell these as is by the piece by printing or posting ingredient and nutritional information in the store or on their website. This is the least expensive way to buy edibles and other products.

    If you need more than this, we also do private label. You can have custom printed front and back wrappers, printed sticks, and different colors and flavors. You'll have to have printing plates for the wrappers and sticks along with commercial artwork made. There is also a minimum order size of 50,000 pieces total order and 15,000 pieces of each flavor/color. You can pick one to all of the options for your product.

    Please contact us for more information.

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